Hello, dear parents and parents-to-be. My name is Anastasia and I am professional baby and family photographer working in Basel area.


Love for the Camera

My passion for the art of photography has deep roots. When I was a child we have an old camera in the house and I loved making photos on it surely with the help of my father. I liked the process of appearing a picture from a white piece of paper. That was like a magic for me. And twelve years ago I grabbed my camera again to take a picture of my first baby and never stopped after it. As a mother of three children, I saved all these significant moments of my children’s life: Their infancy, their first smiles, their first steps and their first birthdays.


Professional photography
Photography is a great tool to keep these wonderful moments in your memory for many years. The art of photography fascinated me so much that I decided to make it my profession.
And as any profession photography also demands constant study and development.


My professional career:


- professional photography school of Pavel Smirnov  - courses “Professional photography” and “Portrait”;
- Ana Brandt Photography – „Maternity and Newborn photography technics“

- Laura Kissling Fotografie - personal mentoring "Newborn photography"
- Lana & Igor Grishin – „Editing technics“

- Amy Pearsall McDaniel/Dewdrops Photography - Workshop "Newborn photography" 

- ​Son Kissed Photography of Kristen Mackey - co-organizer of the workshop "Newborn Photography" 

- Newborn Photography by Jade of Jade Gao - co-organizer of the workshop "Newborn Photography"

- Elena Shumilova workshop
- Workshops with different famous photographs all over the world – pregnancy, newborn and children photography.



As a participant of the exhibition “Best of Russia 2012”, I was named one of the best Moscow children photographers in the magazine "Photo Art". I also participated in the exhibition "Family Photo in Russia." My photos were published in magazines "Nanny" and "Rody.ru." and also accepted by Vogue.


Specialities about my photography
My pictures have light colors and vivid emotions. My knowledge is essential for achieving excellent results. In a perfect picture every detail matters. Shadow or highlight, posture, style or hairstyle and even the mood during the session, they all make a difference.


Seeing your smiles
The best part of my job is to see the smiles of my clients and to know that my work will be not only in the family archives, but will decorate favorite corners of the house. Many years later you might open an album and browse through the photos. You will go through the whole range of feelings and live through the most wonderful moments of your life again.

I look forward to meeting you and to sharing your joy.